GUIDE TO CHOOSING A             

- Educated and experienced in the
subject to be translated or interpreted
so the message will be conveyed with
its proper meaning.

- State Courts Consortium Qualified
Legal Interpreter and Board Certified
Medical Interpreter: Spanish

- Professional Translator with
appropriate certification.

- True bilingual Interpreter with
professional training in the language

- Native speaker and well traveled to
ensure that all translations and
interpretations sound natural to your

- Experienced with the different
cultures within a same language base
to assure that the translations and
interpretations are linguistically and
culturally appropriate.

- Member of a recognized professional
organization: American Translators
Association, International Medical
Interpreters Association and The
National Association of Judicial
Interpreters and Translators.
The Spanish language, with its many idiomatic variations, colloquialisms and/or
nuances present both challenges and opportunities to everyone engaged in
business with the Spanish speaking world.

The  U.S. Hispanic population, with approximately over forty million people,
became the largest minority in 2002. Hispanics are forecast to represent more
than a quarter of Florida's population by 2030.*  Many companies, firms and
professional associations rely on translations and/or interpretations to
communicate with actual and potential customers. Communicating properly
with these clients is critical for survival and growth; besides in many
instances, complying with laws and regulations. The need for accurate
translations and/or interpretations assures that this community is well served.

The use of Spanish directed to Latin America speakers connects the many
existing language variations due to different origins and nationalities. A
translator or interpreter who has lived and experienced first hand these
differences can better serve this population.

Mrs. Villalobos has lived, worked and studied in Puerto Rico, Mexico, USA,
Guatemala and traveled extensively throughout Latin America providing her
with a deeper understanding of the Latin America culture minimizing the
cultural gap.

This is what makes VTIS essential for your business.

* According to the Florida's Office of Economic and Demographic Research.  
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